About Us


Who is 50 East Shoes?

The company is a newer to the shoe industry, but the owners are not. The founder of 50 East Shoes, was one of the original founders of Off Broadway Shoes. With the knowledge of the shoe industry, 50 East was born to be different. They take a very hands on approach and want the customers to have a more personal shopping experience. ” Customer Service is our #1 goal. We offer a very personalized service to the customers who want it, even though we are a self service store.”

When entering the doors of 50 East Shoes, you would never know it is a small family owned business by looks alone, but you will instantly know that it is very different from other shoe retailers. 50 East Shoes specializes in women’s better brands, with current season styles, not 2nd’s or closeouts. Yes, they are women’s only, sorry guys! The selection is grand, without being overwhelming.  It is a more intimate shoe shopping experience,  and strive to offer the best prices, where ever possible. 50 East Shoes offers great shoes at all price points. So there is something for everyone! The Nashville location has an unbelievable selection on women’s western boots, and are located near the Grand Ole Opry entrance. So you can grab a pair of boots and head to the show!

What sets 50 East Shoes apart from the others? Here are just a few highlights.

  • Every Customer Gets the Best Price. No buyers clubs, points to keep up with, or coupons.  They offer the best everyday price to everyone!
  • Online Selling, Not yet…….. Why?” How can you be personal with your customers through the internet? We really want to be connected to our customers and learn from them and what they want. You can’t do that through an e-store.” Don’t worry, if you see something online or through social media, they will ship it to you! Just call any of their locations and they can see the inventory of any store within the company.
  • No Sales Gimmicks,“We are on sale everyday!”  This goes back to the best everyday pricing promise. “The retail world fell into a sales trap. Customers think they are getting great deals, but it isn’t without a price. Either the quality is not the same, or the original price is inflated to make customers feel like they are getting a better deal than they really are. Being honest with the customers by giving them the best price from the start, and building trust, is what’s important to us.”

If you ever have a less than satisfactory shopping experience, we want to hear from you! Please email us at: info@50eastshoes.com, and tell us how we may improve. Of course we would love to hear positive feedback as well! It is great to be able to give company shout-outs to our outstanding associates!